Chen Chi-kwan

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Chronology: Biography of Chen Chi-Kwan

  • 1921 Born in Beiping (Beijing)
  • 1923 Resided in Nanchang, Jiangxi
  • 1925 Resided in Beiping, home schooled by private tutors
  • 1929 Resided in Nanjing, home schooled by private tutors
  • 1930 Enrolled at Beiping Fangjiahutong Elementary School
    First prize in calligraphy
  • 1933 Enrolled at Nanjing Junior High School and Zhenjiang Junior High School
  • 1937 Enrolled at Zhongnan High School in He county, Anhui
  • 1940 Graduated from National Hechuan Second Senior High School, Sichuan
  • 1944 Bachelor of Architecture Engineering, National Central University, Chongqin, Sichuan
  • 1945 Interpreter for Sino-American Expedition Force
    Travelled extensively through provinces in Southwest China, Burma and India
  • 1946 Designer, Jitai Architects and Association, Nanjing
  • 1947 Technician, Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of Interior
  • 1948 Engineer, US Military Intelligence, Nanjing
  • 1949 Master of Science in Architecture, University of Illinois
    First prize, Danville City Hall Design Competition, Illinois
  • 1950 Studied oil painting, ceramics, interior and industrial design, University of California, Los Angeles
  • 1951 Designer, Gropius and the Architects Collaborative (TAC), Cambridge Massachusetts
  • 1952 Lecturer of Architectural Design, M.I.T.
  • 1954 Designed Tunghai University Master Plan (Associate Architect I. M. Pei, C. K. Chang)
  • 1956 First prize, Youth Center Design Competition sponsored by “Architectural Forum: the magazine of building”
  • 1957 Travelled extensively in Japan, Burma, Thailand and Europe for inspirations
    First visit to Taiwan to be in charge of planning and design Tunghai University campus
  • 1958 Complete the first stage of design and construction at Tunghai University before leaving Taiwan
    Visited Expo in Belgium
    Travelled in Burma, Thailand and Middle East
  • 1959 Travelled extensively in Europe
  • 1960 Appointed Chairman, Department of Architecture, Tunghai University, Taiwan
    Appointed committee member, the Relocation program of National Palace Museum
  • 1961 Completed classrooms for Department of Architecture, Tunghai University, Taiwan
    Appointed advisor to the Relocation Program of National Palace Museum
  • 1962 Completed President Mansion and Art Center, Tunghai University
  • 1963 Completed Luce Chapel, Tunghai University, acquired worldwide reputation
  • 1965 Travelled to Philippines
    Designed the Chapel at Silliman University, Damaguete, Philippines
  • 1967 Elected the Top Ten Architects of Taiwan
  • 1969 Commissioned by San Francisco to design the overpass for the Chinese Culture and Trade Centre
    Travelled in Europe
    Designed National Central University Campus, Taiwan
  • 1970 Linko New Town Planning ( Associate Architects P. T. Han, C. Y. Lee, T. F. Wong and C. Y. Hwa)
  • 1975 Travelled in Vietnam and Malaysia
    Designed Regional Experimental Research Center, Asia Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand
  • 1976 Appointed advisor to the Architectural Expansion Program of King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • 1977 Designed Amman industrial Estate, Amman, Jordan in association with Chemech Industries Ltd. Singapore
  • 1978 Designed Central Police College, Taiwan
  • 1979 Designed Chang Hwa Bank building, Taiwan (Associate architect, Haigo Shan), awarded the 1st Best Architectural Design by Taipei City Government, Taiwan
  • 1980 Appointed Dean of the College of Engineering, Tunghai University, Taiwan
  • 1985 Completed Grace Baptist Church, Taipei, Taiwan
  • 1990 Designed Taipei New Railway Station (Associate architect Haigo Shan & M. L. Koo)
  • 1994 Royal Memorial Mosque, Amman, Jordan
  • 1995 Awarded 1st Taiwan Outstanding Architect Award, Taiwan
  • 1996 Central United Office Building, Taipei, Taiwan
    High Rise Condominium, Tang Shui, Taiwan (Associate architect P. C. F., N. Y.)
  • 2000 40th Anniversary Series: “The Mind of Architecture (建築之心), The Architecture at Tunghai” at Department of Architecture, Tunghai University, starting with “Chen Chi-Kwan’s Architecture”
    Tunghai University Endowment Fund for Academic Advancement’ celebrated Chen’s 80th birthday with special seminar “To Sir, with Love: Chen Chi-Kwan”
  • 2004 Conferred Honorary Doctorate by National Central University, Taiwan
    Awarded in the Fine Art category, The 8th National Award for Arts: National Culture and Arts Foundation, Taiwan
    “Kongjian, Zaojing, Chen Chi-Kwan” (空間、造境、陳其寬) published by National Council for Cultural Affairs & Lion Art publication, Taiwan
  • 2005 Moved to San Francisco, USA
  • 2006 “Yiquanhuoshui: Chen Chi-Kwan biography” (一泉活水:陳其寬) published by INK publication, Taiwan
  • 2007 Passed away on the 5th of June at the age of 87 in San Francisco, USA
    Laid to rest in Hawai’i
    Memorial Service at Grand Formosa Regent Taipei on the 7th of July
    “Contemporary Taiwanese Ink Painting Series: Chen Chi-Kwan” published in September by Artist Publishing, Taiwan
    Conferred Honorary Doctorate by Tunghai University
  • 2008 “Chen Chi-Kwan: Architecture and Paintings” published by National Museum of History, Taiwan

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